Thursday, May 29, 2008

Aidan's Chucks

I used to have some pink Chucks when I was growing up. They were my absolute favorite shoes in the whole world. They seem to be making a come back. I bought Aidan some because they were on clearance at Walmart for about 5 dollars (not real Chucks, obviously). They are about 2 sizes too big but he likes wearing them here and there.

The secret spot later that night

I bribed Aidan with a strawberry shake from Ab's if he came with me later tonight to take some more pictures. It was just a beautiful day and we didn't have much going on today so I thought I better do it.

The secret spot

My friend Alicia and I grabbed our two 5 year olds this afternoon while it was cloudy and went to a cute little spot right by our house to take pictures. It was fun but about 10 minutes after we got there the sun came out. I got a couple of okay pictures. I definitely want to go back. Thanks, Alicia, Megan and Aidan! It was fun! Thanks, Alicia for showing me some cool computer tricks! Love ya! Aidan and Megan just informed me that Aidan's pants have been on backwards through all the pictures! I didn't even notice! He just came and showed me!

Photo Workshop

It has taken me forever to figure some things out on my computer but here we go! I got to go to an awesome photography workshop a few weeks ago. My good friend Dede's sister Carin did the workshop for us. I learned so much and I had so much fun. We got to do a photo shoot with some adorable models. I have been wanting to post some pictures but I wanted to copyright them first since they are not my own children. Here is my favorite picture of the day. Thank you Carin for being such an awesome teacher! I am still learning and I am very amateur at everything. I hear Dede gets to be your assistant for your next photo workshop. If you would like, I can be your assistant's assistant. I can pick up lunch, dinner, buy m&ms, clean, whatever. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My favorite picture at Gardner Village

I loved this picture of Aidan. I played around a bit with it in iphoto. I can't wait to get Photoshop! I just have to say how much I love his outfit. Thanks, Children's Place, for the entire outfit! That place is dangerous for me!

Week 2: Off Track

For our fun outing today Aidan and I went to Gardner Village. I promised him a treat at the "cool candy shop" if he let me dress him and take some pictures. We actually had a nice time together. The weather was beautiful and we had a sucker and fudge for lunch. How can you beat that? I am adding some pictures. They didn't turn out as well as I had hoped but here are some fun ones.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Week 1: Off Track

All you B trackers are in the same boat as us. While we are off track this time I thought Aidan and I would try to do one fun thing together every day. I've decided the fun thing can be VERY simple since I am a very simple person (try and simple being very important words, here). Since the Target by our house opened up Aidan loves getting popcorn and a drink there. SO- our fun thing yesterday was to go to Target and get popcorn and a drink and watch the rain from the eating area. I had a coupon for the food court so Aidan and I got two large popcorns and two drinks for one dollar! Woo hoo! The picture I am adding with this was from our trip to Logan a couple of weekends ago but I loved this one of Aidan. Hope B track people are enjoying your days!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Grandma's Flowers

Grandma Potter has the most beautiful flowers. I get all my gardening tips from her. The last time we were in Logan I took some pictures of them and wanted to share. I wish I could get my flowers to grow like this!

Brett graduates from USU!

My little brother, Brett, graduated from Utah State University last Saturday. We went up to Logan for the weekend. We had a lot of fun. Here are some pictures from graduation. Now Brett just needs to find a job and get married. No big deal. Any cute, very sweet girls out there who would like to date my brother? Leave me a comment!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

My cute husband made me my favorite breakfast this morning- crepes with strawberries and whip cream. He even made cute messages in all of my crepes. Just wanted to tell my mom, Sue, grandmas, everyone, happy mother's day! I sure got spoiled!