Friday, May 23, 2008

Week 1: Off Track

All you B trackers are in the same boat as us. While we are off track this time I thought Aidan and I would try to do one fun thing together every day. I've decided the fun thing can be VERY simple since I am a very simple person (try and simple being very important words, here). Since the Target by our house opened up Aidan loves getting popcorn and a drink there. SO- our fun thing yesterday was to go to Target and get popcorn and a drink and watch the rain from the eating area. I had a coupon for the food court so Aidan and I got two large popcorns and two drinks for one dollar! Woo hoo! The picture I am adding with this was from our trip to Logan a couple of weekends ago but I loved this one of Aidan. Hope B track people are enjoying your days!!

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