Monday, June 2, 2008

Week 3: Off Track

Today's adventure was going to Liberty Park with Dede and Sara and our kids (okay, so I know that I only have one but I felt like I had so much more today). We had a blast. We ate lunch, played in the park, played in the water, fed the ducks, went on carnival rides. Here is my favorite picture of the day and a picture of all the kids.


Carin Davis said...

A. looks adorable!!!
i LOVE that bench!
great choice!!!!

wish i could have been there-
looks like you had fun!

Saralin said...

Where did you see that bench? That is a great picture. Thanks for coming with us.

dede said...

good eye spotting that bench - when you mentioned it, I didn't realize it would be that cute! Thanks for helping me with my troop and you will be happy to know Chase has been saying Bobette all day!