Sunday, July 6, 2008

Camp Rock 2008

If you have kids that watch the Disney Channel you will get that title! I made it back from yet another awesome Girls Camp. I love going to camp and I have gone every year for the past few years. Our new Stake Camp Director's name is Amee Rock and so our youth camp leaders started calling our camp Camp Rock. The name kindof stuck the whole week. We had fun and learned so much as we always do. The weather was very nice and just to make Alicia and Cindy jealous none of us plunged ONE TOILET while we were there. That was a miracle itself. Here are some of my favorite pictures of camp this year. Thank you to Alicia and Cindy for helping me out with Aidan while I was gone. I appreciate it! I look forward to going next year! Camp Rock!


CindyLouWho said...

I am so glad you you only had to plunge one toilet. I can say that I didn't miss that part of camp, but I really missed enjoying all the rest. The pictures are so cute, and it looks like you had a great time. The picture of the sunrise hike made me feel alittle "homesick"!

CindyLouWho said...

Sorry, I meant to say that I am gald you didn't have to plunge even 1 toilet! I think that is a camp record, at least since 2004 :)

Kara Bray said...

Wow. I didn't know that you had these on your blog. Very interesting.