Saturday, July 19, 2008

My Favorite Things

For my birthday I thought it would be fun to make a list of my favorite things. I read a friend's blog who did the same thing and I thought it was cute. So I thought I would give it a shot. It might be boring for everyone else but it was fun for me to think of all my blessings. They are not listed in order of importance except the first two! So here are my 75 most favorite things right now! Thanks to all of my great friends and family out there! YOU are my favorite things:

My favorite things:
1. Being married to Mike
2. Being a mom to Aidan
3. Being in a great family
4. Living in an awesome neighborhood
5. Having the best friends ever!
6. Going to Kohls with Sara
7. Shoes
8. Picture frames
9. The Olive Garden
10. Cafe Rio
11. The Village Baker
12. Eddie Bauer
13. The Children's Place
14. My camera
15. My Mac
16. My dog Tag
17. Pedicures with Amy
18. Chatting in the driveway with Alicia
19. Movie theater popcorn
20. Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream
21. Chocolate chip cookie dough
22. The Training Table
23. The Cheesecake Factory
24. Skechers
25. Girls Camp
26. My calling in Young Women
27. The Young Women
28. Stacy who does my hair so beautifully that I can't do the same ever!
29. My ipod
30. Playing the piano
31. Playing the organ
32. My camera
33. Taking pictures of little every day miracles
24. The rain watering my lawn instead of me having to
25. Reading my friends' blogs
26. Dressing Aidan in really cute trendy clothes and taking pictures of him
27. Gardner Village
28. My awesome dentist Reudi Tillman (just went there, can you tell?)
29. Soda pop
30. Sour patch gummi watermelons
31. Swedish fish
32. Watching a movie cuddled up with Mike
33. Falling asleep cuddled up with Mike
34. Going to Logan to visit my mom and dad
35. Coke and cherry Icee mixed together
36. Target popcorn and pop for like a dollar
37. My new car
38. My new black kitchen cabinets
39. My garden
40. Listening to the thunder
41. The smell of rain
42. Reading a really great book
43. Listening to or watching musicals
44. Wondering what will come out of my son's mouth next
45. My wedding anniversary
46. Halloween
47. Playing the wii with my family
48. My house when it is clean
49. Bath and Body Works wall flowers
50. Coconut Lime Verbena lotion from Bath and Body Works
51. Brown Sugar and Fig lotion from Bath and Body Works
52. My pink cell phone
53. Painting things like walls and furniture
54. Sitting in my parents' hot tub
55. Sitting under my tree with a cold water bottle after I have mowed my lawn
56. Getting magazines and packages in the mail
57. Making dvds
58. Getting a good night's sleep
59. Staying up late talking with Mike
60. Finding a really comfy pair of jeans that make my butt look small
61. Homemade cinnamon rolls
62. Seeing Mike walk in the door every day after work
63. Fall colors
64. Sweaters
65. Flip flops
66. My new camera lens
67. Tulips
68. Listening to the rain while going to sleep
69. Finding new little photo locations
70. Hearing Mike's voice on the phone
71. New socks
72. Gummi peaches
73. A new easy yummy recipe that my family loves
74. Fudge
75. My blog!


Saralin said...

Happy birthday Bobette! I'll catch up to you in a few days. Thanks for going shopping with me.

Carin Davis said...

Happy birthday!!!!!!!!
We share so many favorite things!
They were fun to read!!!!

Jodi said...

Happy Birthday!! I don't think I could come up with that many things.

jkhuber said...

It's your cousin, Kristen, here. I can't believe I just ran into you in blogland. It's fun to read about what you are up to. What a cute fam! We have a blog, too, but it's private so I'll send you an invitation. I could only find Mike's email so I'll send it there. And Happy Birthday!
Take care,