Monday, September 8, 2008

The last days of summer

Our September photography challenge is to take pictures of the last days of summer. I have a lot! I think this one is my favorite. I know, Carin, that the boys are looking at the camera but they were actually excited to have their picture taken this time. I absolutely love the ice cream on their faces and running down their hands. This is Aidan and his cousin Nathan. They have a lot of fun together. By the way, they were sitting inside the doorway of Mike's parents' house because it was pouring rain. Talk about the last days of summer!


Alicia Cerva said...

Great picture Bobette! I love the light and the ice cream too!

Carin Davis said...

ice cream is a perfect idea!!!
love the picture!!!
i would have posted it too!!!

thanks for playing!!!!

dede said...

what a fun idea - I agree, ice cream = summer! darling picture!