Monday, October 6, 2008

Bobette's quiet time

I rejoiced exceedingly last Monday when Aidan went back on track. Okay, I have a few friends that say "what does that mean?" This is for you. He is on year round school. He goes to school for about 9 weeks and then is off for 3 weeks. That happens all year long. We absolutely love it. Summers do get a bit crazy because we usually only have about 3 weeks off for the summer. I am rambling. Anyway, Aidan started back on track Monday and one of the first things I did was get out my camera. She was missing me. One of the days was my favorite lighting, overcast, so I went to a favorite little spot of mine and just took a bunch of pictures. It was so peaceful and I loved it. I am thinking I might do that again soon at a different place maybe. The landscape doesn't complain, doesn't whine, doesn't get grumpy, it stays still and I don't have to bribe it with Icees or Legos. Hope you enjoy!


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robin said...

I'm like you... I LOVE LOVE LOVE landscape pictures. I could fill an album with them.

Saralin said...

I love these pictures. They make me want to pull up a lawn chair and enjoy the fresh clean Autumn air.