Thursday, November 13, 2008


This picture for some reason reminded me of when Mike and I moved to Ohio a few years ago for his job. It was extremely hard for me but it ended up being such a great experience for us. I am so grateful that we did it looking back (not saying I would want to move far away from home again). We grew a lot closer because we really only had each other to rely on because we knew nobody at first, we made some amazing friends, appreciated the gospel and temples a lot more, and had some awesome missionary experiences. We "adopted" the missionaries in our stake and we had them over for dinner about every night (I am not joking about that either). We were blessed to be able to move back close to home and I started to cry on our flight home when we descended into the Salt Lake Valley because I saw my mountains and my home again. Ohio is FLAT (compared to Utah, at least). I love the mountains. I am grateful for them today.

This is a picture of my cute cousin's adorable little girl. It was an incredibly gorgeous day for us!


dede said...

that is beautiful - great picture! I love the mountains too, and miss them when I am not here!

Saralin said...

You don't realized how much a part of life in this valley the mountains are til you don't see them every day. Great picture.