Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I feel so cool that I've been tagged again! Normally I really don't like the blog tags but this one I like, thanks Jodi! I am supposed to go to my pictures on my computer and go to my fourth folder and choose the fourth picture on there and post it. Here you go! This was a fun trip to Moab! I love Moab! Aidan was about three years old and he hiked the entire way up to Delicate Arch! If you have ever hiked to Delicate Arch it is quite a hike! He called it "the pants". We couldn't figure out why he kept talking about pants the whole time and then we figured out that Delicate Arch looked like a pair of pants to him. Now Delicate Arch is "the pants".

So I guess I have to tag some people- okay, how about Alicia, Beth, Julie, and Nicole.


Jodi said...

cute picture thanks for playing along.

Davis Valley Classic said...

Hey! Thanks again for waffles on Saturday! It was so much fun seeing your cute house and catching up with you and Mike. We should really plan to get together sometime, you guys crack us up! Maybe we could watch an episode of Friends and be rebellious! Haha! Anyway, thanks again, it was really thoughtful of you!