Monday, December 7, 2009

joy...and cold hands

I love these guys! This family has had so many trials to deal with in their lives and they are still just the sweetest, funnest family! And I LOVE the colors that she put together for them to wear! Totally my style. I took Aidan again as my "assistant" which can be a great thing or a nightmare. This time it was great because he kept trying to make them laugh and it made their faces so fun! But leave it to Aidan to ask them if we could come over to their house after for hot chocolate. Of course they said SURE! We had a great time talking about how great and wonderful life can be and how we need to be grateful for every day that we have! I left their house feeling so good and wanting to be better!


dede said...

the turned out great! I love the colors too! I will have to come over so I can see some more!

Jules said...

I LOVE IT! I can't wait to see the rest!!!!
Thanks for coming over for hot choc. It was fun to chat and catch up...Ash can't wait for Aidan to call him.
Love ya- Jules

BobetteBryan said...

You take such great photos! I'm impressed! I'm also "Bobette," and I was curious about what you're like. LOL! I've not met too many other people with that name.