Wednesday, December 29, 2010

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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

My little monsters on Halloween! Hope you all have a great one!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Much needed trip to the beach...

Mike and I were able to get away to the beach last weekend! We had so much fun! The weather was absolutely perfect! We stayed on Coronado Island, got to see Shamu, did some shopping, layed out on the beach, ate at some fabulous restaurants, and got to see the Mormon Batallion historic site! Thank you to our wonderful friends and family for helping us out with our boys while we were gone! Here are some pics!

Monday, August 23, 2010

after the storm...

We had some good friends over for dinner last night. We enjoyed eating and talking while there was a hurricane outside our window! After the storm passed we were outside saying goodbye and we saw this little guy. He totally got on Mike's hand and posed for some pictures! He was probably so grateful that he survived that storm!

Monday, August 9, 2010

still here...just busy...

Summer has been busy and fun this year! We have spent most of it outside which is what I wanted this summer! But I need a little dainty after a house full of boys! Here it is!


Now back to making bottles and changing diapers...

Monday, July 12, 2010

Aidan is eight!

My baby turned eight today! Eight years ago we were able to welcome Aidan into our home. We think a lot about his birth mom on days like this. We hope and pray she is doing well and is happy. We are so very grateful to her for her gift to us. We had such a nice day! Mike took the day off of work and we spent the day hanging out, going to a movie, having cake and ice cream and jumping on the trampoline with water. (Yes, he got his wish: a trampoline for his birthday!) He has so many great friends who remembered him on his birthday also! We are so grateful to have Aidan in our lives. He has so many things about him that make him unique! I love his confidence about life. This confidence can get him into trouble but it also helps him to do so many neat things! He has been the best big brother that Alex could even hope for. He has a cool widow's peak that makes it impossible to do his hair most of the time but it definitely makes him who he is! We love our Aidan! Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Our fourth of July...

I am so so so grateful that this year I was able to enjoy my fourth of July! This has always been one of my favorite holidays! Last year I felt so sick that I stayed at home and watched Neil Diamond do a patriotic concert on TV while my boys went to the fireworks. My family and I were talking about that while we were together this fourth of July weekend. I am so grateful that I am feeling great! I was able to enjoy great food, fireworks, parade, shopping and family! I had a wonderful holiday! I even found a fun new photo wall! I am also grateful to live in a free country. I am grateful to all those who have fought and continue to fight to protect the freedoms we enjoy. I hope your holiday was wonderful also!

Monday, June 28, 2010

ahhh summer...

I took pictures of a friend's darling family last week. I think this may have been my most favorite picture of them all. It was a gorgeous evening! I am really excited to enjoy my summer this year!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Alex is four months!

I know I haven't blogged in forever! I have been so very busy with a baby and learning to have two kids! I have also been doing some fun home projects! But it has been so awesome, though very exhausting! But things are wonderful and my baby is almost four months old already! I can't believe it! I am grateful that I am taking the time to just play with Alex during the day because today while I was having him play on his tummy he rolled over for the first time! Things are great! Have a great day!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

the spring has sprung...hopefully...

We have a small peach tree in our backyard. The blossoms are gorgeous! So here is a little bit of spring I found this week before it started to rain again!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

another new baby !?!?!

You won't believe this but Saturday we got to bring home another new baby!!! My new camera!!! It is a Canon 50D! She's beautiful! We have been having so much fun with her! She is quite a bit more complicated than my last camera so I will now be studying my camera manual for a while!

And here are some more fun pictures of our boys!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

hairy potter...

Okay okay okay, I am so sorry I haven't done pictures yet! The two of you who read my blog probably know already that we are so excited that we were able to adopt another gorgeous baby boy! The story of his life so far is so long I could write a novel and I will share highlights soon but for now, here are some pictures of him. We are having so much fun with him and are just loving it! Our lives have been a whirlwind the past couple of weeks and I honestly have just wanted to hold him rather than pull out my camera but I will add lots of pictures soon! Thanks to our wonderful friends and family who have helped us out with this fun and crazy process! Oh- his name is really Alex. His sweet birth mom loved the name Alexander so we thought we would do that for her. And we like the name! He was born February 22! We brought him home Friday, February 26! More to come!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

today was a fairytale...

I am loving Taylor Swift lately. I love this song. We got to go on a much needed vacation last week to California! We had so much fun: Plane ride, Disneyland, California Adventure, Newport Beach, Temple, Ruby's Restaurant, and lots of fun with family! We just had a great time! Here are some highlights:
1. The greatest thing for me and Mike was that we did not tell Aidan that we were going anywhere until we were actually on the plane. He thought he was getting up that morning to go to school and then we said we were going to meet Grandma and Grandpa somewhere. I had him packed and ready to go without him knowing. SO fun! The flight attendant actually announced to everyone "Aidan Potter is going to Disneyland!"
2. Probably the nicest thing that happened to me was at the Salt Lake Airport when the security guard looked at my ID and said "I can't let you on the plane, you look like you are only 18 not 34." (He said with a wink)
3. Aidan's favorite ride was Splash Mountain which shocked the heck out of all of us because he is a total wimp like his mom.
4. Soaring over California and the new Toy Story Mania ride are my new favorites.
5. Taking pictures at the beach is a lot harder than you think it is going to be, even with the gorgeous backdrop and all.
6. Mike did NOT moon me in front of my parents like he did the last time we went to California. Whew!!!
7. We learned the hard way what a High Surf Advisory is. We got soaked!!!
8. If you go to the pier and yell "Whale!" like my son did, EVERYONE comes running and then they are not happy when they don't see one. (Now in his defense everyone was saying earlier that they thought they saw one but they weren't sure and I think Aidan really thought he saw one!)
9. Pigeons are very aggressive.
10. We can't wait to go back!
Here are some pics!