Tuesday, February 23, 2010

today was a fairytale...

I am loving Taylor Swift lately. I love this song. We got to go on a much needed vacation last week to California! We had so much fun: Plane ride, Disneyland, California Adventure, Newport Beach, Temple, Ruby's Restaurant, and lots of fun with family! We just had a great time! Here are some highlights:
1. The greatest thing for me and Mike was that we did not tell Aidan that we were going anywhere until we were actually on the plane. He thought he was getting up that morning to go to school and then we said we were going to meet Grandma and Grandpa somewhere. I had him packed and ready to go without him knowing. SO fun! The flight attendant actually announced to everyone "Aidan Potter is going to Disneyland!"
2. Probably the nicest thing that happened to me was at the Salt Lake Airport when the security guard looked at my ID and said "I can't let you on the plane, you look like you are only 18 not 34." (He said with a wink)
3. Aidan's favorite ride was Splash Mountain which shocked the heck out of all of us because he is a total wimp like his mom.
4. Soaring over California and the new Toy Story Mania ride are my new favorites.
5. Taking pictures at the beach is a lot harder than you think it is going to be, even with the gorgeous backdrop and all.
6. Mike did NOT moon me in front of my parents like he did the last time we went to California. Whew!!!
7. We learned the hard way what a High Surf Advisory is. We got soaked!!!
8. If you go to the pier and yell "Whale!" like my son did, EVERYONE comes running and then they are not happy when they don't see one. (Now in his defense everyone was saying earlier that they thought they saw one but they weren't sure and I think Aidan really thought he saw one!)
9. Pigeons are very aggressive.
10. We can't wait to go back!
Here are some pics!

Friday, February 12, 2010

out of this world...

My post title reminds me of Spongebob. "This clotted cream is OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!" If you watch Spongebob every day like we do you know what I'm talking about. Thought I would share with you the sugar rush that we are experiencing today! Aidan had fun celebrating Valentine's Day with his class today. Isn't the valentine bucket the cutest thing you have ever seen in your life? And I had nothing to do with it! (Which is probably why it turned out so cute!) Have a great Valentine's Day!!