Monday, July 12, 2010

Aidan is eight!

My baby turned eight today! Eight years ago we were able to welcome Aidan into our home. We think a lot about his birth mom on days like this. We hope and pray she is doing well and is happy. We are so very grateful to her for her gift to us. We had such a nice day! Mike took the day off of work and we spent the day hanging out, going to a movie, having cake and ice cream and jumping on the trampoline with water. (Yes, he got his wish: a trampoline for his birthday!) He has so many great friends who remembered him on his birthday also! We are so grateful to have Aidan in our lives. He has so many things about him that make him unique! I love his confidence about life. This confidence can get him into trouble but it also helps him to do so many neat things! He has been the best big brother that Alex could even hope for. He has a cool widow's peak that makes it impossible to do his hair most of the time but it definitely makes him who he is! We love our Aidan! Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Our fourth of July...

I am so so so grateful that this year I was able to enjoy my fourth of July! This has always been one of my favorite holidays! Last year I felt so sick that I stayed at home and watched Neil Diamond do a patriotic concert on TV while my boys went to the fireworks. My family and I were talking about that while we were together this fourth of July weekend. I am so grateful that I am feeling great! I was able to enjoy great food, fireworks, parade, shopping and family! I had a wonderful holiday! I even found a fun new photo wall! I am also grateful to live in a free country. I am grateful to all those who have fought and continue to fight to protect the freedoms we enjoy. I hope your holiday was wonderful also!