Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Brigham City Temple!

I had an awesome experience last weekend.  I was able to be a part of our LDS stake youth conference.  I always love being with the youth!  And the youth in our stake in particular are really incredible!  Many wonderful things happened this weekend that strengthened my testimony of my Savior, I learned things that I especially needed to hear to improve my life and to make me a better person, and I got to have a lot of fun with my husband who was able to come with me the whole time!!  One particularly neat experience I had came totally out of the blue while I was in the kitchen at the church and a girl in my stake came up to me and talked to me.  I knew who she was but I didn't know her very well.  She started talking to me about how much she loves looking at my blog and her family loves to see my photography.  I thanked her and we talked about photography, our kids, our lives for a little while and then it hit me that I have not posted anything on my blog for quite a few months.  Now, that isn't a big deal because life is busy and I have been trying to organize my life so that I am doing the important things.  I mentioned to her that I hadn't posted anything for a long time and she said "that's ok, we still love to look."  She asked me if I would take her son's senior pictures next spring and I said of course.  We had a nice talk and I got to know her a little better.  I am grateful for her kindness.  As I was busy doing other things throughout that day I remembered something that I heard in our stake conference the weekend before youth conference.  We had a member of the quorum of the 70 speak to us, his name is Elder Allen.  He is one of the people in charge of the media for the LDS church.  He talked about his experience doing that.  He said that all the technology in the world has been invented so we can spread the gospel.  Everything else that has to do with technology is just a byproduct.  We need to embrace technology and use it to share the gospel.  I loved that!  So I am going to try to do that more.  Here is a start.  Part of the awesome experience of youth conference last week was that we were able to go to the Brigham City open house.  It was so beautiful!  I love that we can see it every time I go to visit my family in Logan.  I want to share some pics.  Have a great day!