Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Here comes the sun...and rain and hail...

I don't blog very often anymore.  But when we have a fun event or celebration in our lives I like to share it here.  It's mostly for me to enjoy.  I enjoy going back over fun pictures of my favorite people and remembering fun times.  I do have a new love of making photo books.  That is a lot of fun!  And I take most of the pictures for my photo books from my blog.  So I am excited to share another fun event in our family!  We went on a little California vacation! It is very special because this time we got to take Alex there for the first time.  The last time we were at this beach was the day before he was born!  Fun, huh?  It was definitely an adventure! We did Disneyland in the rain and hail. But we loved it because we got to ride our favorite rides over and over again with little waiting!  We also enjoyed the beach on a beautiful, sunny, perfect day.  I had a blast with one of my favorite possessions, my camera.  I took a million pictures!  We got to eat at one of our favorite places, Ruby's. Yummmm!!!! We swam for hours in the hotel swimming pool. It was great!  Aren't my boys so beautiful!?!?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Bring on 2013!!

We had a fun Christmas break hanging out with our boys!  We all got sick at different times but it was a good chance to stay at home and hang out together.  We are excited for a new year and I'm sure new challenges and joys!  I am so grateful for my life and my wonderful boys that take such good care of me!  Happy new year!